Apology Letter For Unwanted Awakening

Dear [Name],

I am writing to apologize for waking you up last night. I know how important sleep is, and I regret that I disrupted your rest.

I understand that you had been looking forward to a peaceful night of sleep, and I feel terrible that I was the cause of your unwanted awakening. I should have been more mindful of your needs and given you the space to rest.

I can only imagine how frustrating it must have been for you to be woken up in the middle of the night. I know that it can be difficult to get back to sleep after being disturbed, and I'm sorry for causing you any further stress.

I have learned from my mistake and I will be more mindful in the future. I will do my best to ensure that I am not the cause of any further disturbances.

Once again, I apologize for waking you up last night. I hope that you can forgive me and that you can get a good night's sleep tonight.

[Your Name]