Apology Letter For Emotional Affair

Dear {Recipient},

Where do I begin? I messed up real bad—{number of} years with the most amazing {man/woman} I've met, and I threw it away like it was nothing. How stupid can I be?

You've been nothing but kind, caring, generous, supportive—everything that I could ask for in a partner and more. You didn't deserve any of this. What I did was wrong and unacceptable, which is why I've already ended things with the other person. Whether you take me back or not, it really is over between {him/her} and II'm very sorry for putting you through all this.

You might not believe me, but I still love you and I hope that you'll give me another chance. What's done cannot be undone, but I promise to make it up to you and I'll prove that I'm worth staying with. I'm really, really sorry.

With love and regret,

{Your Name}