Apology Letter For Dog Bite

Dear {Recipient},

I would like to apologize for what my dog did on {day of the week}. {Dog's name} is normally a calm and
friendly pup--{he/she} never bitten anyone before, so this behavior is atypical of {him/her}.
Still, this does not excuse the fact that {he/she} bit you and put you through a frightening experience. I want you to know that {dog's name} is set to undergo further training to ensure this doesn't happen again to anyone else.

To put your mind at ease, I have {enclosed/attached} a copy of {dog's name}'s vaccination records, all of
which are up-to-date. I'm also willing to pay for any medical care you've received as a result of this incident.

Please send me the bill and get well soon!


{Your Name}


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